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If you are considering selling, the market has now shifted. There are a lot of properties
available and it's more important than ever to price your property right the first time and
put it in the hands of an experienced propfessional. Call Harris Real Estate for a free
Market Analysis with no obligation!  Learn about our competetive rates and get to know us
before you make a decision. Should you decide you use our services, your property will
be advertised in several papers and publications along with being promoted extensively
on the web. We are on the Maine MLS system and on, along with our own site Also, thousands of other sites have links to ours!

We Now offer 3 ways to sell your property!

1. Traditional Listing with full service from your Realtor

2. Auctions, quicker with less hassle! Not just for Foreclosures anymore!

3. Fee For Service, hire us to do only what you need done, fees due upfront, no closing
State Department of Education:  school reports, statistics, demographics
RSU #9 School district: Farmington, Wilton, Temple, Chesterville, Industry, Wilton, New Vineyard, Weld
Local information for Farmington:  local area info, statistics, events
Maine MLS: Use MLS (multiple listing service) to find available homes in Maine
Local weather: forecasts, weather patterns, radars
Franklin County Chamber of Commerce: local information for the entire county
Looking for your dream home? Perhaps the perfect piece of land for building or
recreation? The ideal commerical location? A woodlot to harvest? If so you've
come to the right website!!

Hire us to be your buyer agent! We co-operate with all the agencies in Central
and Western Maine and best of all it's free!
(rare exceptions may apply) Don't wait call us to help you find your first*  home
Let us know what you are looking for, we will search our MLS database and
other agencies for property, set up showings, and guide you through the
purchasing process. Just answer the questions below and send, it's that
simple! We will be in contact with you as soon as we receive your information.
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